Summer Saga+

SUMMER SAGA+ is a predominantly Egyptian stallion who has proven his worth in the show ring, on the endurance trail, and as a sire. His correct conformation has earned him championships in sport horse halter and 1,715 endurance and LD ride miles with 36 completions. His purebred daughter ROSE TRILOGY won the 2012 Region 12 endurance ride and was Best Condition and another purebred daughter, SPIRITUAL SAGA, was top five on the same ride. ROSE TRILOGY is also a reserve champion sport horse under saddle. Another purebred daughter, EPIC ROSE, has just begun her career in distance riding with ride completions in 2011 and 2013. SUMMER SAGA+'s Half-Arabian son WINTER SAGA+ is a Legion of Honor winner with all points earned in dressage, most of them in open competition against all breed.

SUMMER SAGA+ is a son of straight Egyptian MASSAR AL SABBAH, a ribbon winner in halter, hunt pleasure and dressage. MASSAR AL SABBAH combines the blood of the 1958 Pritzlaff imports with Babson Egyptian and 2 lines to the significant sire SIRECHO. MASSAR AL SABBAH is similarly bred to OT DYSARA RSI, who also is predominantly of Pritzlaff heritage with a line to *FAKHER EL DIN on her dam side. OT DYSARA RSI is the dam of the amazing endurance mare OT SARA MONIET RSI, who has 3950 ride miles in 78 rides with 75 completions and a remarkable 14 Best Condition awards. OT SARA MONIET RSI has 5 lines to *RASHAD IBN NAZEER, 4 to *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS, two to *BINT EL BATAA and one to *BINT DAHMA, all of whom also appear in MASSAR AL SABBAH's heritage.

MASSAR AL SABBAH has three lines to National winner sire *RASHAD IBN NAZEER, including one through National Champion sire SHIKO IBN SHEIKH. He also has two lines to *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS and one line each to *BINT EL BATAA and to *BINT DAHMA of the Pritzlaff importation. These lines are noted for their success in distance riding. SHIKO IBN SHEIKH is the sire of the first FEI World Champion Endurance winners, SHIKOS OMAR, who won his title in 1986. SHIKO IBN SHEIKH is also the paternal grandsire of RO GRAND SULTAN+//, one of the all time great endurance competitors. He was three times in succession the FEI World Endurance Champion (1988, 1990, and 1992), won the Tevis Cup in 1984 and 1988 and competed 9,605 miles in his career, with 145 rides, 143 completions and 46 Best Condition awards. Another highly successful Pritzlaff bred endurance competitor is the stallion DRKUMO RSI, winner of the AERC's 1996 Jim Jones award for Best Endurance Stallion. He has 2540 competition miles in 47 rides with 45 completions. His pedigree features 2 lines apiece to *RASHAD IBN NAZEER and *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS. Other highly successful endurance horses have similar breeding to MASSAR AL SABBAH. OT SAURI RSI has 6 lines to *RASHAD IBN NAZEER, 4 to *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS. Her endurance record is 2,840 miles in 51 rides, with 51 completions and 2 Best Conditions. OT DYTU RSI has 2,845 miles in 56 rides with 55 completions and 2 Best Condition awards. He has 4 lines to *RASHAD IBN NAZEER and 4 to *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS. Another notable endurance competitor, OT ALTATU RSI, has 2,430 miles in 43 rides, 41 completions and 2 Best Conditions. She has 4 lines to *RASHAD IBN NAZEER, 3 to *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS. The gelding OT MONIET NESSOUS has 3,200 miles in 57 rides with 54 completions and 17 Best Condition titles. He has 5 lines to *RASHAD IBN NAZEER and 2 each to *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS and RABANNA. Another endurance horse with Pritzlaff breeding is DYMONI RSI, who has 4 lines apiece to *RASHAD IB NAZEER and *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS. He has 3,280 miles in 66 rides with 61 completions and 16 Best Condition awards.

MASSAR AL SABBAH is a son of western pleasure reserve champion SONIETAS SOLAR RSI, who is of straight Pritzlaff breeding. His sire ALMONIET RSI is a 3/4 brother to regional western pleasure champion TOMONIET RSI and to TATUMI RSI, dam of U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Gelding JM TAMAL. TATUMI RSI is also the dam of JM TATUMITO (dam of U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Futurity Filly HIA BAKARA AMAR) and of JM TALUMI (dam of halter champion NAZR). TATUMI RSI is the maternal granddam of halter champion HIA TAMASIL, dam of three times Region 2 Top Five Endurance HIA TAYYARAN+ (also a ribbon winner in cutting).

SONIETAS SOLAR RSI is out of SONIETA, a full sister to DYMONIET (sire of the excellent endurance horse DRKUMO RSI and grandsire of the good endurance horse OT SAURI RSI, already mentioned) and to MONIETA RSI, paternal granddam of the endurance horses DYMONI RSI, OT MONIET NESSOUS, and OT ALTATU RSI, already discussed. SONIETA is also a full sister to 4 show ring champions including halter reserve champion BIMONIET RSI, 1972 Region 5 Champion Mare MONISA RSI, 1977 Region 2 Top Five Stallion RASMONIET RSI, and U.S. Top Ten Mare BINT BINT MONIET, all of them champion producers.

MASSAR AL SABBAH is out of SABBAH DIN. She is a paternal sister to FAKHERS JAMASNA, dam of U.S. Top Ten First Level Dressage AOTR CRMSON AND CLOVER, who also has 5 regional championships in dressage. SABBAH EL DIN is also a paternal sister to DH EVER JOY, dam of MORGEN+//, who has 6 National titles in sport horse halter, sport horse show hack, and second and third level dressage. SABBAH EL DIN's paternal brother FAKHER EL CHERIF is the sire of U.S. Top Ten Half-Arabian Jumper FX CHANTILLILACE, who won her title at age 16.

SABBAH EL DIN is by *FAKHER EL DIN, a full brother to National winner *BINT MONIET EL NEFOUS, whose blood is found in the pedigrees of many successful distance riding horses as outlined above. *FAKHER EL DIN blood is also found in LYGHTNINGS FURY+/ (who has 5 National titles in dressage and sport horse show hack) and in ARAGORN STRIKES+// (who is double *FAKHER EL DIN and has 9 National wins in sport horse under saddle, sport horse show hack, and dressage including U.S. Reserve National Champion Training Level Dressage).

*FAKHER EL DIN grandget with notable endurance records include the Half-Arabian OT EL DIN RSI, who has 1,970 ride miles in 37 rides with 37 completions, and the Half-Arabian OT SUNDANCE+/, with 2,315 ride miles in 44 rides with 40 completions and 18 Best Condition awards.

SABBAH DIN is out of MASADA BELLASABBAH. She combines Babson Egyptian lineage with two lines to SIRECHO, sire of U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure and Native Costume and National Champion sire JORAMIR, who sired Canadian National Champion Stallion, Top Ten English Pleasure and Pleasure Driving and National Champion sire JORA HONEY KU++. World Champion Stallion *LAHAB GASB and *SIMEON SHAI+ both carry lines to SIRECHO. MASADA BELLASABAH's sire LOTHAR is a 3/4 brother to AR RA'AD, a park champion who sired U.S. National Champion Hunter LA RAFIK. MASADA BELLASABAH's dam BELLE ECHO is closely related to DAHRECHO, grandsire of U.S. National Champion Show Hack HERITAGE SUMMER.

SUMMER SAGA's dam SUMMER SAVANNAH is a daughter of the Egyptian import *HAFIZ ETNEEN, who sired just 11 registered get. His sire HAFIZ is a paternal brother to National Champions ALMILEEGY++/ and GAMAL AL ARAB+++, National Champions in western pleasure and native costume respectively. HAFIZ's dam IBTISAM is a full sister to *BINT MONA, the only Egyptian mare imported to the U.S.A. to produce 4 National winners. *HAFIZ ETNEEN is a maternal grandson of *RAMSES FAYEK, sire of 10 National winners including U.S. National Champion Stallion AMURATH BANDOLERO+. His maternal granddam NAGDIA also produced *MALEKAT EL GAMAL, dam of 5 champions and a long time broodmare at Imperial Egyptian Stud, one of the world's leading breeders of Egyptian Arabians. She is a mare of world wide influence, as her son AMEER AL BADEIA was the head sire of Egypt's Al Badeia Stud (he is the maternal grandsire of World Champion Mare GELGELAH AL BADEIA) and her daughter *IMPERIAL SAYYAH is the maternal granddam of World Champion Stallion *AL ADEED AL SHAQAB.

SUMMER SAVANNAH's dam, western pleasure champion LOUZAM, is from highly successful American lines. She produced U.S. Top Ten Futurity Gelding SEEFER. LOUZAM's sire, halter champion and champion sire ALOURAF, also sired National Champion producer GEENAH, whose daughter A-CORSICA is a National Cutting Champion. ALOURAF is a paternal brother to National winners in halter and English pleasure, and his dam is a 3/4 sister to U.S. National Champion Stallion PETIT JEAN. ALOURAF is linebred to the Crabbet import *RAFFLES, a National Champion sire who sired 46 producers of National winners.

LOUZAM is out of the Egyptian/Crabbet mare ZAMIRA, dam of 2 National winner producers, the other being ROLO ZAMA, whose son FW LAZARUS+/ has 7 National titles in English pleasure, English sidesaddle and native costume. ZAMIRA's sire ZARAQ is a paternal brother to ZAREYNA and HALLANY MISTANNY, both producers of National Champions in halter. He is by the Egyptian import *ZARIFE out of SELTRA, a paternal sister to National Champion sire JULEP and a maternal sister to National winner sire KUBRIYA.

ZAMIRA is out of Canadian Top Ten Mare AL-MARAH RASHMA, dam of 5 champions and of the National winner producers RO MURTAH (dam of twice U.S. Top Ten Stallion and National winner sire TAH ZAMAN) and LE-MIRA (dam of U.S. Top Ten Pleasure Driving MIRA-FINISZ). AL-MARAH RASHMA's sire SELMAGE was the 1953 A.H.S.A. High Score Arabian with championships in halter and park, blues in native costume and western pleasure and ribbons in cutting. AL-MARAH RASHMA's dam was the very influential mare ROSE OF LUZON, dam of AL-MARAH SAFIR (sire of U.S. National Champion Park and Top Ten Mare JAYEM TABERRI++ ) and AL-MARAH ROOZ (sire of U.S. Top Ten Cutting SANROOZ). This is the same female family as that of U.S. National Champion Stallion GALIZON, sire of U.S. National Champion Mare JON SAN JUDIZON.

Prepared by Arlene Magid, Pedigree Research